The Secret History of Mythix

Richard Francis Burton, 1821-1890, was a British writer, scholar, and one of the greatest explorers the world has ever known. He spoke over 29 languages and traveled to some of the most isolated and unique places on the planet, all under the guise of exploration…

But what no one knew was, he found and captured a tiny race of beautiful Fairies and fierce Darkling Sprites he called Mythix.

He tried to keep them alive but once he left their magical lands, they entered a deep sleep, frozen in place, until they could be returned to their land or something from their land could be brought to them…

Burton hid them away and was planning on an exhibit to show the world his Mythix when he mysteriously died of a heart attack…

For over two hundred years the Mythix had been forgotten… until now… Just recently re-discovered. The Mythix are waiting to be re-united with their magical land, where they will wake up and once again will roam free.

Learn where they are from and how to help them at:

  • Mythix Darkling Sprite

    Darkling Sprites are strange and beautiful creatures that defy nature with unique adaptions borrowed from many different creatures on earth. They are the mortal enemies of the Mythix Fairies. Each Darkling Sprite is completley unique and it can never be duplicated. They range from 5" to 7" tall.

  • Mythix Darkling Sprite Soldier

    Mythix Darkling Sprite Soldiers are strange creatures that borrow their design from many other creatures in nature. They are both beautiful and deadly and built for battle. They usually have menacing claws, talons or both. Each one is unique and can never be duplicated. Each Darkling Sprite Soldier measures between 7” to 9” tall.

  • Mythix Royal Darkling Sprite

    Mythix Royal Darkling Sprites are beautiful creatures that are both fierce and terrifying. Royal Darklings are usually identified by their goblin like faces. The also usually have claws, talons or they are adorned with the bones of other creatuers including Fairies, birds or bats...

    Each Royal Darkling Sprite is completley unique and it can never be duplicated. They usually measure between 7”- 9” tall.

  • Mythix Fairy

    Mythix Fairies are beautiful creatures that mimic many different animlas in nature. They usually have bright colored wings and long bodies. They stand between 5" - 7" tall.

  • Mythix Fairy Scout

    Myhtix Fairy Scouts are beautiful and bold. They usually have beautiful iridescent wings and are the front lines for the Mythix Fairies. They measure between 5 1/2" - 8 1/2 tall.

  • Mythix Royal Fairy

    Mythix Royal Fairies are regal creatures of amazing beauty. Adorned with the most beautiful iridescent wings in nature, theses royal creatures make a statement where ever they are displayed. Usually 7" - 8" tall.

  • Todd Spoor

    About the Artists:

    Todd Spoor is and artist, sculptor and author of 11 books who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. His fascination with all living things as well as mythical creature from history drove him, along with his daughter Shay, to create the Mythix Fairies and Darkling Sprites,

  • Shay Spoor

    Shay Spoor is an up and coming artist who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. Her passion for art, fashion and jewelry design covers many different mediums. She absolutely loves mythical creatures and the beauty of all nature. Mythix is a perfect blend of the two!